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We Create Professional Fan Pages For Your Business

At Pizza Box Top Ads™ we are more than just coupons on a pizza box, we know Social Media too. With the regular changes that take place at Facebook you need someone on your team that keeps up with these changes. At Pizza Box Top Ads™ we do just that.

With the latest changes in pages at the end of March many business pages are out of date and show they have missed the update. Many just don't know what to do. If this is your situation we can fix that for you.

Facebook has made Business Pages all about Branding. Custom landing tabs are gone and the days of easy communications with fans with it. Now it is about EdgeRank, content and fan interraction. These are all issues that almost require you to hire a dedicated Social Media Manager. Unfortunately, most local businesses just don't have an extra $68,000 a year for a Social Media Manager. That's where Pizza Box Top Ads™ comes in, we can handle this for you.

Custom Fan Page Packages To Fit Any Budget

We can create the Custom Fan Page Package to fit your companies needs. From as simple as creating the page, Cover and Profile image and turning it over to you. To as complex as including your Website in a Custom Tab, Adding Ecommerce to your Fan Page and handling your status updates as well as customer interraction. Building A Youtube channel, a Twitter account and connecting all these pieces together for you.

We believe Social Media is here to stay but no one knows what that format will be next year or five years from now. That is why we take a pro active approach to building your social list off of Social Media. By taking your list off the Social Media Platforms you will always have control of it. If one Social Media site goes away you can invite your fans to join you at your next site. Pizza Box Top Ads™ can add custom Facebook Apps to your fan pages that allow you to create a list of fans that you can access and connect with them off of Facebook.

If you would like to get started with a package for your businesses Fan Page just use the form below to contact us. We can help custom build a package that fits your business to a T.

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