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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are my ads distributed?
At Pizza Box Top Ads™ We Put You On The Box™ tops of your local pizzeria. We provide laser targeted distribution within your local area. Every time a pizza is delivered or picked up your ad is distributed. We are also using cross promotion with our flyers. We distribute about ⅓ of our flyers through our 12 local non competing businesses. This cross promotions allows even the pizzeria to get new customers it wouldn't otherwise.

How Are your Pizza Box Top Ads™ different from the competition?
Pizza Box Top Ads™ is the only Direct To Consumer program that will never be regulated by local city councils. While door hangers and car flyer distribution is outlawed by many city ordinances, Pizza Box Top Ads™ never will be. In addition, by piggy backing onto local pizzeria pizza boxes you will be making a warm connection with local consumers who want the coupons from the pizzeria. They are already in the frame of mind that their sales barrier is down.

Also, Pizza Box Top Ads™ Flyers are regularly kept in the home and office on the refrigerator or the office bulletin board for all the coupons for local merchants and the local pizzeria.

What is the average cost per piece for one ad purchase?
This is a hard question to answer. We have programs for a single or double ad depending on what you need. We also offer discounts for inclusion on multiple promotions when ordered at the same time. From time to time we also offer special promotional pricing. For a single space on a single run it is less than 2 cents. There really isn't any way to guarantee view rate so I won't even try that. Obviously a single person household would get a different view rate than a family of four.

What measures are Pizza Box Top Ads™ taking to ensure our ads are actually being distributed?
The local pizzeria has front and center advertising on each flyer just like you do. Their coupon ads keep their customers coming back for more again and again. Everytime they put a Pizza Box Top Ads™ Flyer on the box they are branding and marketing their business too.

As mentioned on our How It Works page, we carefully select pizzerias with good reputation, great business practices and a sufficiently large distribution of pizzas at a minimum of 450 per week. Also, our Local Associate double checks that they are going out the door.


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