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Our company founder, Martin Blakley, a small business owner himself, has developed and promoted many different ways to market the local small business to the community. Many of the traditional methods available were a relative hit and miss. After spending years helping local business and yet finding little success it was time to look for a change that would make the difference.

He felt there had to be a better way to reach his customers target audience.Consumers shop within their own market area and a vehicle was needed that would introduce these consumers to more of the choices within their daily travels. Thus producing more sales and business for his clients.

A Suitable plan of action had to be written out and implemented to reach the targeted consumers. The desirables features of such a plan would be:

  • Exclusive and Affordable for most local small businesses.
  • Vehicle must reach the selected target market with their desire to respond
  • Requires consistent delivery, no one time shotgun approach
  • Must be professionally designed and written with a strong call to action.
  • Must be something that consumers would want to keep in a prominent location.
  • Has to be seen.
  • Reach consumer in a comfortable, relaxed and receptive state of mind.
  • Be different and attact high level of interest over extended period of time

Taking his 30 years experience in the Print Media Market and 12 years in Online Marketing he studied ways to combine them together. Having found Pizza Box Top Ads, what was discovered would become the foundation for The New Pizza Box Top Ads Company 2012 Relaunch. Now better than ever. Not just coupons on a box but Systems connecting paper coupons to mobile coupons and social media to keep customers coming back for more!


94% of the U.S. Population eats Pizza!
-Parade Magazine

71% of U.S. Consumers use coupons to make their purchasing decisions, ranking well above just brand advertising and personal referrals!
-Promotional Marketing Association

327 Million Mobile Devices In The U.S. Alone

97% Of All Text Messages Are Opened Within 3 Minutes Of Receiving Them

52% of consumers would use mobile coupons for a discount at a local store

Over Half Of All Facebook Users Interact With Facebook With Their Mobile Devices


Sunday, September 19th, 2021
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America's Favorite Food
Pizza is not only a fast food staple but the most popular food in America for the last 50 years.

Using Direct To Consumer advertising Pizza Box Top Ads™ delivers your message direct to consumers in a happy relaxed environment.

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